May 20

Tearing Up In Philadelphia Is Contagious

This morning I found myself in a pick-up meeting about invoices, budgets, finance and various other evils that beat the crap out of creativity.  Just as I was feeling light-headed and nauseous, my Chewbacca SMS tone growled at me.  I hoped it was something to drag me out of the meeting.  It wasn’t. IT WAS BETTER! The next few minutes of my life went like this (I stopped paying attention to the meeting):



I really was blushing.  I was really excited that Wil even remembered who I was, let alone mention my name to a bunch of SEO big shots.  I showed my boss (who was also in the meeting) the tweets as we walked back to our office.  I was feeling a bit giddy (which is frowned upon in the hallowed halls of Police HQ).  When I got back to my desk, there were more tweets!  People mentioned and followed me, some I knew, some I have been following for a long time.  Then this (check out the first few slides):

Let me step back for a second— Last week Wil wrote this post about a meeting he had with his team and how they moved him to tears.  It was a great post and really showed what kind of guy he is.  Unbeknownst to me, he had a plan to spread his emotional response around Philadelphia.  —Back to the story

HOLY SHIT!!!!!! (sorry mom) But seriously??  Not only did Wil mention me, four of his first five slides actually involved me! ONE OF THEM HAD MY NAME AND MY PICTURE!!!!  And then it happened.  I felt my eyes filling up.  I looked around for an onion, but there was none.  It was real emotion.  I felt honored.  Wil Reynolds is a giant in marketing and he was talking to other giants in marketing… about me.

If that wasn’t enough, then this:

Chills.  Elation.  Tears.  I inspired him to get better?  My entire success with social media is built on Wil’s MozCon 2012 presentation.  I have written before (in the comments if you care to read it) that RCS is a life changing thing.  It is an idea that transcends business, an idea that changed how I view everything.  I literally tell anyone that will listen that they should watch that video.  From coworkers to my favorite food truck to the Penn State International Conference on Policing in the 21st Century, if you have heard me talk about social media, you have heard me talk about Wil’s RCS presentation.

Wil Reynolds has inspired me in many ways.  To know I was able to return the favor, even just a little bit, is gratifying beyond words.  I can’t wait to talk to him and try to repay him a little more.

About Frank Domizio

Frank Domizio is the proud husband of his best friend and partner, Hope and the father of two beautiful children. He has been a Philadelphia Police Officer since 1997. He is currently working at the FBI's Philadelphia Regional Computer Forensics Lab as a Forensic Examiner. Prior being detailed to the FBI, Frank was the Social and Digital Media Manager in the PPD's Office of Media Relations and Public Affairs. Frank holds a degree in Computing and Security Technology from Drexel University and is pursuing a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering from Villanova University. He has also had the opportunity to lecture at Drexel, Temple and Saint Joseph's Universities on the topics of social and new media marketing. Follow him at or @FJDomizio. ***********************************DISCLAIMER*********************************** The opinions expressed on do not reflect the opinions of any rational human being on Earth. That list includes my mother, the City of Philadelphia, any current or future Pope, the Philadelphia Police Department, or any former President (excluding Bill Clinton because he probably agrees with me).
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3 Responses to Tearing Up In Philadelphia Is Contagious

  1. Dionne says:

    That’s so cool Frank! And after hearing you speak at SMILE and following your insights on your site and LinkedIn, I want you to know that you’ve inspired me too!

    • FrankDomizio says:

      Thanks Dionne! It means so much to hear that from people that I admire so much. It is surreal to be able to inspire people that I have been trying to emulate.

  2. Traci Hann says:

    Ur awesome Frank. :) N so is Will. :)

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