Feb 21

SEO Grail Meetup: Cool People + SEO + Coding + Beer != A Bad Time

SEOGrailDomizioPhoto Courtesy of Bill Sebald

Last night, I was lucky enough to attend the SEO Grail meetup. Mark Kennedy, who as I keep saying, has helped me out a great deal, suggested that Grail meetings were a great place to pick the brains of some really smart SEO people. It just so happened that this particular meeting featured a presentation by Chris Le. Chris, like Mark, has been a great resource for me, especially for someone I’d never met in person. If I was trying to teach myself Ruby on Rails or I had a JavaScript question, all I had to do was ping @iamchrisle and I knew help was on the way. (Are you getting the idea that if you aren’t on Twitter you should be?)

So I knew if Chris was going to be there, I would be getting some good info. Also, Chris is a developer that works for an SEO company. I love programming and I’ve been bitten by the SEO bug so why wouldn’t I want to combine those things?

Chris’s presentation did not disappoint. It was loaded with geeked out, data crunching, google doc’ed, code-a-liciousness. I don’t know what I want to do more, use the tools he showed us or look at the code that makes them up!

I got to chat with Chris afterwards and he is way cooler in real-life than he is in 140 character spurts. Chris is off to New York City to start a new job as a translator. He apparently will be translating SEO-glish in to Programmerese. That sounds like a cool-ass job and I wish him luck. I hope they have Twitter in New York because I know I will have questions in Philadelphia.

I also got to chat with Chris Countey about my authorship woes (My picture magically disappeared from the SERP the other day but that is an entirely different post.) He apparently is some sort of authorship expert and he has made some YouTube videos on how to get it done. Go watch them! I did and I think I did everything he said so hopefully my pic will be back in your results soon. (Chris is also the owner of one of my top 5 twitter feeds, follow him and learn stuff.)

I also met a ton of other very cool people at the meetup. I will definitely be back to SEO Grail.

I am off now to dissect this post about meta data from Mike King. Come tomorrow, my site should be all metaed up.

About Frank Domizio

Frank Domizio is the proud husband of his best friend and partner, Hope and the father of two beautiful children. He has been a Philadelphia Police Officer since 1997. He is currently working at the FBI's Philadelphia Regional Computer Forensics Lab as a Forensic Examiner. Prior being detailed to the FBI, Frank was the Social and Digital Media Manager in the PPD's Office of Media Relations and Public Affairs. Frank holds a degree in Computing and Security Technology from Drexel University and is pursuing a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering from Villanova University. He has also had the opportunity to lecture at Drexel, Temple and Saint Joseph's Universities on the topics of social and new media marketing. Follow him at or @FJDomizio. ***********************************DISCLAIMER*********************************** The opinions expressed on FrankDomizio.com do not reflect the opinions of any rational human being on Earth. That list includes my mother, the City of Philadelphia, any current or future Pope, the Philadelphia Police Department, or any former President (excluding Bill Clinton because he probably agrees with me).
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8 Responses to SEO Grail Meetup: Cool People + SEO + Coding + Beer != A Bad Time

  1. Mark Kennedy says:

    The Grail never fails, Frank! Glad to see your learning SEO-glish. It’s a great second language to compliment your Programmerese :)

  2. Adam says:


    Good meeting you last night. Looking forward to see what you and the Philly Police can do with the Internet. Sounds like you only have a few months but you can make something happen. Cheers!


  3. Bill Sebald says:

    Hi Frank, by bad I hope you meant good. That’s awesome that you enjoyed yourself. Mark and Chris are awesome guys for sure!

    Hope to see you next time.

    • Hey Bill,
      Sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat. I had a great time and I learned a lot. I added a little propellerhead humor to my title, != is the operator in many programming languages for not equal to. I guess I over geeked myself!

      See you next month!

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  5. Thanks for the shout out, Frank! Just following up to see if you got Authorship cleared up or if you still need a hand.

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