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Feb 26

Lions and Java and Authorship, OH MY! [NO LIONS]

I have authorship mostly figured out. My picture is coming up next to my posts, but just the first one in the SERP. The rest of them on the page have that funky silhouette thing but no picture, just like this:  … Continue reading

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Feb 24

I Don’t Like To ovalDraw, rectDraw, or Any Other Draw! [CODESAMPLE THAT ALMOST WORKS]

Week 2 of Java was not as easy as last week. When I took Java last time I did not have to do any things with GUI. Yesterday, I had to write a program that drew a circle given a user … Continue reading

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Feb 22

I Know Nothing About Blog Etiquette

In my quest to reach the end of the Internet, I was clicking away, visiting different pages and reading different articles about everything from Google Glass (I really want them) to beginner Java to buying busted Macs and fixing them. … Continue reading

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Feb 21

SEO Grail Meetup: Cool People + SEO + Coding + Beer != A Bad Time

Photo Courtesy of Bill Sebald Last night, I was lucky enough to attend the SEO Grail meetup. Mark Kennedy, who as I keep saying, has helped me out a great deal, suggested that Grail meetings were a great place to … Continue reading

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Feb 19

The Tweeting Detective: Kicking Down Doors Without a Warrant (But Not Without His Cell Phone) [VIDEO]

Recently, Philadelphia Magazine named Joe Murray, @PPDJoeMurray, one of Philadelphia’s Most Influential People on Twitter. You will find an article on the PhillyPolice blog in a few days congratulating Joe for this great honor. I would like to talk a little about the … Continue reading

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Feb 18

SEO Killed My Flash Page, More Links and Some New Stuff [Irrelevant Chart]

My flash landing page has been fired. Actually, reassigned. I was planning to drop cookies so that you would only see the flash page once. After doing some reading last night about the SEO hit having a flash landing page causes, … Continue reading

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Feb 17

Guess Who Got a Link Today and Is Loving Java? THIS GUY!

Not that anyone really cares (as if anyone  has cared about any of the things I’ve written on this blog) I started a Java programming classes yesterday. I took Java a few years ago with Mountain State University and it … Continue reading

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Feb 16

Google Knows My Name But Not Much Else [UNRELATED VIDEO]

Today, my adventures in web mastering have taken me to the land of keywords. I tried to Google things that I think I would like to rank for (besides my name) but I was nowhere to be found on any … Continue reading

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Feb 15

What the Hell Am I Doing Here? Good Question.

I have had a few people ask me why I decided to blog and how I pick my topics. The truth is, I have been blogging for my employer (a major law enforcement agency in Philadelphia(hehe)) for a while and … Continue reading

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Feb 14

Google Alerts Have Saved Me From Losing More Sleep Over Authorship [Exaggeration]

Every once in a while, I get quoted by the media. Not as much as my coworkers but often enough for me to set a Google Alert for my name. I guess it is half making sure I am not … Continue reading

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