Jun 20

Charlie Ravioli: Something to think about

Bumping in to Charlie Ravioli

The Most Important Meeting

Last week, I had the good fortune to meet Ralph Taylor, Temple Criminal Justice Professor extraordinaire.   We were both on the National Institute of Justice peer review panel in Washington D.C. and he guided me to Union Station via the Metro.  We sat next to each other on the train back to Philadelphia and had a lovely chat the entire ride home (on the quiet car… sorry).

One of the things we talked about was being busy and how it affects your kids.  He mentioned Charlie Ravioli, a little Continue reading

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May 22

Free Resume Advice From Wil Reynolds? Yes Please! [STORIFY]

Yet another reason why you should be on Twitter.

Earlier tonight, Wil Reynolds spent a couple hours giving out free resume advise on Twitter.  Seer Interactive, Wil’s Philadelphia-based SEO firm, is growing and they are hiring like crazy.

Who wouldn’t want free resume advice from a successful CEO?  Many people jumped on the chance (including me).  I thought the things Wil had to say were important enough that people should read them, so I Storified them.

I hope this helps (it may take a minute to load, there were a lot of tweets).

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May 20

Tearing Up In Philadelphia Is Contagious

This morning I found myself in a pick-up meeting about invoices, budgets, finance and various other evils that beat the crap out of creativity.  Just as I was feeling light-headed and nauseous, my Chewbacca SMS tone growled at me.  I hoped it was something to drag me out of the meeting.  It wasn’t. IT WAS BETTER! The next few minutes of my life went like this (I stopped paying attention to the meeting): Continue reading

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May 15

SEO is Sending Me to Washington D.C.

HOLD ON! Is that an original post from Frank Domizio??? So… I realize that I have not kept up with my blog.  I had a couple difficult yet terribly interesting classes last quarter so, something had to give.

SEO Jedi

Also, I began easing in to my new position as a computer forensic examiner assigned to the
FBI’s Regional Computer Forensics Lab.  I am working there a few days per week along Continue reading

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May 15

Digital Success is Built on Human Relationships

Here is my latest IACP blog post.  It is my favorite one yet.  http://blog.iacpsocialmedia.org/Home/tabid/142/entryid/266/Default.aspx

We often find ourselves giving up something we love.  I find myself in that position right now, leaving a job I feel passionately about to the next step in my career.  As I write this, I Continue reading

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Apr 26

What Is Your Mission?


Here is the latest blog post I wrote for the IACP.  You can find it at http://blog.iacpsocialmedia.org/Home/tabid/142/entryid/259/Default.aspx

Have you ever tried to fit the pieces of your communications plan into a social media sized box? It can be a challenge to say the least. Crafting a meaningful and coherent message in 140 characters or less is not a job for the faint of heart. Having a mission statement can provide much needed direction and purpose for your team. Continue reading

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Mar 26

Maximize Your Facebook Posts

This is my latest article for the IACP Social Media blog.

With over a billion users, Facebook reaches one out of every seven people in the world.  Those of us trying to reach every single one of those billion plus are always looking for ways to optimize our posts.

One way to draw more attention to our content is to make sure it gets prominently displayed in our followers’ news feeds.  An easy way to accomplish that is by posting a picture with a link instead of a link with a picture.  Here is what I mean. Continue reading

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Mar 05

Happy Birthday Mom! [HARLEM SHAKE VIDEO]

Over the weekend we hosted my mom’s 60th birthday party at my house. I don’t know about everyone else, but I had a great time (I also know the Uncle Mike had a great time too). Since the entire family would be together, I thought it would be fun to make a Harlem Shake video.

I realize it is a little corny but we are corny people. Plus, it was fun watching everyone jump around like lunatics. Here is our video:

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Mar 01

Mid-term Jokes [SEQUESTER RANT]

I have been busy as hell studying for my Java mid-term tomorrow so I haven’t posted in a few days. I know you people must be missing me so I figured I’d post a few jokes to keep you going.


Before I get to the jokes though, I would like to say that I am extremely disappointed in the people we have chosen to govern our country. As I see it, this is not about loopholes and tax increases or spending and budget cuts. This is about winning. Democrats want to win and not let the other guys win and Republicans are doing the same damn thing, both sides unwilling to compromise, and all of it is happening on the backs of the American people. I hate playing politics at the expense of real everyday working people in the hope that more of those real everyday working people will like one side or the other. This makes me sick and wish even more that there was a viable 3rd party that represented people in stead of agendas.


What do you think about the sequester? Leave a comment below.

Now stop thinking about moving the Canada and enjoy the jokes I stole from the Programmer Jokes Facebook page.



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Feb 26

Lions and Java and Authorship, OH MY! [NO LIONS]

I have authorship mostly figured out. My picture is coming up next to my posts, but just the first one in the SERP. The rest of them on the page have that funky silhouette thing but no picture, just like this: confusion

I do not know if that is normal but it seems logical that Google doesn’t want to load Continue reading

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